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A walk down the splendid aisle. A roof deck swimming pool with view of the mountains and clear blue skies. A sumptuous dinner and dancing in lavish ballroom before toasting couples of champagne, surrounded by friends and family – it’s a dream wedding come true. Subic Bay has been a destination of numerous weddings because of its natural beauty, and all other attractions it offers. If you are on this page, we congratulate you for your upcoming wedding and we are happy to assist you and give you some pointers for your preparations.
Many other venue can fit the bill, but part of the fantasy hinges upon having it closed to public. Who wants tourists, resort guests and kids running, photo bombing the vows? Exclusivity is foremost important and lucky for you – you are on the right site. Le Charme Events offer everything you need for a dream wedding.

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How to plan for a good light on your wedding day

Your whole wedding day – from breakfast right up to your killer dance moves at the end – is a complete story, and getting ready is one of the most important opening chapters. It’s when some key emotional moments can take place, before things get busy. If lit correctly the images you take from this part of the day can be powerful, elegant and beautiful.

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Wedding Reception Ideas

The ideal venue is key to the success of any wedding reception. But while the country is sprawling with events places, finding the perfect one for your nuptials could prove to be a chore depending on multiple factors.

Wedding Styling

A wedding stylist roundup isn’t complete without Le Charme Suites Subic. A stylist to the stars, his brimming repertoire as of late includes Iza Calzado and Ben Wintle’s wedding, along with Kylie Padilla and Aljur Abrenica’s nuptials.

Delexe King

A hefty and spacious room for those enjoying the scenes in Subic Bay. Enjoy a King size bed on your own or a companion while touring Subic Bay Freeport Zone. Perfect for a Bleisure type of stay.

Deluxe Twin

The family room. The biggest room Le Charmé Suites has to offer. Two Queen Size beds to seize the comfort you deserve..

There are some things that you could consider when planning your wedding that could really help you, your makeup artist, and your photographer work together to create the best possible wedding photos.

Our photographers and makeup artists will assess the light on your wedding day and use the best possible light to ensure your wedding photos are beautiful to look at. The subject is lit in the best possible way to really accent how you look or how the moment feels.

Le Charme offers only the best and finest photographers and makeup artists there is. We make sure to make your photos and actual event as beautiful as you dreamed it to be.

Lighting on the venue is another thing. Please see our gallery.

Natural light isn’t just useful for your photography. It’s good news for your hair and makeup prep too. So if you can, try and select the largest room available that lets in the most light. If you’re considering a possible space, take note of the shape and size of the room, including where the windows are. Big light walls can also help to illuminate the space and give your photographer more to work with. This is one aspect Le Charme Suites Subic has the edge.

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